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The Best Financial Sites were collected in this rating and sorted by popularity. Weekly updated Financial Directory Features listing of resources, links and news about money, loans, mortgages, personal finance, and more.

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Why finance matters

• Financial decisions are crucial because investments made today have long-term fundamental effects on the business.
• With the globalization of markets, power belongs not to politicians (Trump, Clinton and so on), but to people who have financial (and media) power: Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Georges Soros, Berlusconi...
ie: Mexican crisis: National Governments had no power against pension funds holders

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Top 100 Finance
1. 16100000
2. 15100000
3. 12900000
4. 12100000
5. 7890000
6. 5810000
7. 5210000
8. 4620000
9. 4320000
10. 4320000


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